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♦ Link X Reader ♦ Will I ever be home...?

The day was slowly coming to an end. The sky’s beautiful blue color was fading away, replaced by bright warm tones of pink, orange and purple as the sun gently declined from his spot in the sky to descend below the horizon, where he was to light up the lands of other kingdoms and vast seas. The moon had made its appearance at the opposite of the burning star, its little companions gently beginning to twinkle into existence by its side. This was your favourite moment of the day, where it seemed worlds were to collide with each other as day and night fought each other to rule over the skies. It didn’t seem right of them to do such a thing, since they were but merely celestial bodies, floating in outer space for some reason unknown to all. But the thought of them fighting was a way to explain to kids why the sun and the moon were never up there, lighting the world with their bright light, at the same time. They were too different. Just like this world was to you.

It had been close to eight months eversince you had crossed over to this world. You didn’t remember too much the way you had passed through from your dimension to this one, and, quite frankly, you didn’t seem anywhere close to remembering it. All you knew is that when you got here, you were attacked by a pack of goblin-like creatures. You had absolutely no clue of what was going on, you couldn’t even defend yourself because you were unarmed, and you would have gotten an arrow in your shoulder before you could have done something to escape. The goblins, they had tried to take you away, but luckily, you were saved. And your savior was none other than the famous Link, Hero of Time and bearer of the Triforce of Courage. You would have recognized him anywhere, since he was the main character in your favourite series of videogames, the Legend of Zelda. He had looked at you in a strange way once he was done with the goblins, for you were very different from the people he would meet on his way back home. Sure, you were dressed in a strange fashion to his eyes, with your slightly frayed skinny jeans, flashy (f/c) t-shirt and your pair of (2nd f/c) converse strapped to your feet. But there was also the fact that you seemed completely lost at the beginning, and then perfectly fine a second later. He had cocked an eyebrow at you confusedly, but he nonetheless had taken the time to chat a little before turning to the animal you recognized as Epona to continue on his way back home. But before he left, he noticed you seemed down about something. He asked you if you were okay. You remember smiling at him, worry, pain and sadness all mingled into your tear-filled eyes.

“I don’t know how I’m ever going to get home, now… if this isn’t a dream…”

Those were the words you had adressed him. At first, he took it as a sign that you were lost, that your family would probably be looking for you. But then you explained that you didn’t have a family ‘here’. He had eyed you again, confused, but simply shrugged it off. He had then offered to bring you back to Ordon for the moment, until you could explain to him exactly what had happened. You still remember that, the next day, no matter how many times you had explained it to him, he was certain there was a way for you to go back. He had been very open-minded about your explanation that you came from another world (for he had been involved in the Twilight incident, and basically knew about other numerous worlds that could exist in parallel with his own), and he had tried to assure you he would do anything in his power to help you go home.

Well, it’s been just about eight months… and still, you weren’t anywhere close to going back.

You heaved a sigh, rising from the spot you were sitting to stretch your aching body. The night was still young, for sure, but you were getting weary, and the cold had started to make you shiver. Because, unlike most of the nights you had spent down here in Ordon, that were normally warm and dry, this one was pretty cold and a little humid. That was it, and you decided to head back home after being at the spring so long.

As you walked on the small path, your mind whent completely blank. You weren’t thinking about anything at all, and you weren’t even concentrating on the road you had to take; your feet knew the way, they would bring you back in no time without getting you lost. Instead, your brain had decided to stir up memories, to make you see flashbacks of the past eight months you had spent here, in Hyrule. You saw the day where you and Link had visited Fado up at the ranch, and you remembered how silly you looked when you tried to get the goats inside while riding Epona, like Link would normally do. You remembered he still laughed at you for weeks after that. Then, there was the time he had taken you fishing, and you had caught the biggest fish both of you had ever seen! He seemed terribly happy that day. But then there were the darker memories. Like the one when he had left Ordon for a few days without telling anyone about it, and he came back weak and wounded. He had become sick, and you remembered you stayed with him the entire time. That was two months ago, actually. There was also the time he had wanted to play a trick on you. He had hidden in the basement of his house, and had called out for your help from there, since you were visiting. When you climbed down the ladder to find the basement completely dark and motionless… that’s when Link jumped at you, screaming ‘Boo’ into your ears. You had hit him unintentionnally, and he laughed at you so much that, as a result, you ignored him for the next three days. And still you had not forgiven him for making you jump like that.

Needless to say, there were some upsides to the fact you couldn’t go back to your own world. For instance, you had befriended Link, and the two of you were inseperable now. It was almost like you were best friends that have known each other since childhood, only it’s been eight months. You had connected with him in some way you didn’t quite understand, but you didn’t mind not knowing.

Eversince the Zelda franchise had been created, or at least, eversince you discovered and fell in love with it, your dream was to one day meet Link, even though, at the time, you didn’t think it would ever be possible. Until eight months ago, you thought the game was purely fictionnal, that Hyrule never truly existed, and that Link was nothing more than a character designed by the game’s creators. You never would have suspected that the entire world they had supposedly ‘invented’ was actually pretty real.

You came back to your senses when your eyes saw Link’s house. He lived just outside the village’s entrance, and he seemed to like it just the way it was. He just so happened to be sitting on a large rock, just where you remembered his targets used to be. He had taken them down when he was teaching you the basics of horseback riding not too long ago. He waved at you when he saw you, and you returned the gesture. He smiled at you, hopping off the rock he was sitting on, and walked up to you.

“Hey ______ !” he greeted you in his usual cheery tone, “Are you going home?”

You nodded gently.

“Yeah, that’s where I was heading.”

His smiled turned into a grin as he patted your shoulder in a friendly manner.

“Mind if I walk with you?”

Your eyes turned to meet his, and his joyful grin made you smile slightly. It was almost like his smile could chase your grim thoughts away.

“Nope, I don't mind.”

And so, you were joined by Link, and the two of you kept on going, heading towards the village. You walked slowly side by side as the moon lit the way, as if wanting to guide you to your humble abode, located where Pergie and Jaggle once had a pumpkin patch, that they had happily sacrificed so you could have shelter of your own. You had never stopped thanking them for what they did, letting you live on their lot and building your house with the help of all the others. Even Link helped with the construction of your now complete and beautiful house. The community was so tightly bonded, you had thought you were getting in their way when you had accepted Bo’s proposition to stay in Ordon until you could find a way to go home. Everyone had done so much to help you in your time of need. You were a complete stranger to them, at the time, you were quite bizarre and you did come from another world, but they seemed to have already accepted you, like some kind of magic had messed with their minds or something. And for all of those things, you had never figured out how to repay everyone.
Come to think of it, you weren’t really sure if you would ever be able to repay them, because you’d have to go home sooner or later.

At that thought, something else struck your mind. You glanced at Link from the corner of your eyes. He didn’t seem to notice; his eyes were still looking right in front of him, and he seemed to be smiling. What was he smiling about? You didn’t know, but one thing you did know, was that his smile was actually quite endearing. He seemed to be so playful and childish, the kind of guy you liked. But, despite the fact he could be pretty child-like in behavior, he could also be quite serious and stern when things didn’t go like he had planned. He could also be very quiet, almost shy, like when something was bothering him, or he could simply be the most adorable guy ever, helping out anyone who asked for a hand. Basically, he was exactly the type of person you’d fall head over heels for… if you could. You were going to start thinking on those thoughts when Link spoke your name.

“Well, you’re home, now!” he said cheerily.

On the spot, you were a bit too surprised to even move. You had unconsciously stopped by his side when he did, and now you were simply staring at him, wide eyed, as if he had just revealed the secret of the century. Seeing as you weren’t reacting, he waved his hand before your eyes, and you fluttered your eyelids to come back to reality.

“Huh? Oh, right-“ you stammered suddenly, the words almost refusing to come out your mouth. “Well, I guess this means good bye… for now.”

Your voice almost sounded disappointed, and when you realized that, you wondered what was going on. You had no time to think, though; Link pulled you against him, hugging you tightly. Surprised yet again, a foolish grin spreaded across your lips, and you returned the hug as affectionately as you could.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

You could have sworn he had sounded a little disappointed, too. But he let you go and looked down at you with his goofy smile, the same smile he’d always give you when he caught you confused.

“Well, good night, ______,” he said sweetly.

“Good night to you too.”

And with one last smile, he was off. You waited until he had reached the village’s entrance to get inside, instantly soothed by the warmth of the fire you had lit before you headed to the spring, earlier this evening. You then walked into your room to change into your nightgown. After that was done, you came back into your livingroom and off to the kitchen, where you poured yourself a glass of fresh milk, and took out some sugar cookies you had made yourself. It was your mum’s favourite recipe for this kind of cookie…

When that thought hit you, suddenly, the cookies didn’t look so appetizing anymore. You hadn’t taken a single bite out of them, so you placed them back into the jar you had taken them from. But while you were cleaning up, a question popped up in your head. Why did you think of your mother now of all times?! Your subconsciousness just had to bring your family back in the picture. Yes, they were probably worried sick for you right about now. Yeah. They probably even think you’re dead. Maybe it’s just your imagination playing tricks on you, and they’re not really concerned about your now eight-month-long disappearance. Maybe they have forgotten about you by now.

“What? They would never have forgotten about me… wouldn’t they?”

Your confidence in that answer you gave yourself withered away as you kept on thinking. You dearly missed them. But did they miss you? You weren’t the type of girl to clean up after yourself back at your family’s house. You were just the normal teenager that made a mess everywhere you whent and played video games all day long, or simply passed your free time on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or stuff like that. You sometimes would help around the house, but that wasn’t without many sighs and complaining fits. You would spend most of your time locked up in your room and you barely came down for anything else than breakfast, lunch or dinner, and for some special occasions. It was almost like you were never there, back at home. So, once again, you asked yourself; did they really miss you?

“Of course they do… I have to go home, anyways… otherwise they’ll just think I’m dead…”

The matter being resolved, you quickly drank down your glass of milk and placed the now empty glass away in the sink. You then walked over to your bedroom, tossed back the sheets, laid on your comfy matress and covered yourself with those freshly washed blankets. It didn’t take too long, and off you were in the pleasant world of dreams.

* * *

You woke up about two hours later. It was now midnight. Sweaty, panting heavily, fear glimmered in your eyes as you looked around hastily. Once you realized you were in your house, you managed to calm down. Pressing you slim hand against your powerful thumping heart, you closed your eyes. Images of the nightmare you just had popped up in your head. You could see your family; Your mother and father, your little brother and baby sister. They were all sitting in the living room. You seemingly just came in. No one had seemed to notice you were there. You had called out their names numerous times, telling them how happy you were to see them. You had wanted to jump into your father’s arms to hug him tightly, but when you did, you just… whent right through him, like he was merely an illusion. You tried with your mother, brother and sister, but the same thing happened. You passed right through them like you were made of thin air. They still had not moved. It was almost like they couldn’t really see you. Then, everything whent black. You saw their faces, floating around you like masks at the end of a puppeteer’s strings, their lips moving to shout angrily at you words you never thought you would ever hear, not even in a dream. You remember they were yelling at you to get away, that they didn’t care about you anymore, that they had forgotten all about you, and that if you came back, something bad would happen.

You wouldn’t want anything bad happen to us because you came back, huh?

That sentence resonnated in your head as if your very own mother had said this to you. But it couldn’t be her! It just couldn’t be! It was just a nightmare, nothing more. But… what if something bad really did happen if you rotated back?

You grabbed a handful of your (h/l), (h/c) hair, threatening to pull the entire strand out along with a chunk of bloody scalp. Tears were stinging your eyes. Bitter, salty tears, ones one would cry when they are pained and overwhelmed by past events. You were slowly losing your mind at the moment, and you didn’t know what to do other than cry. So you laid in your bed in a foetal position, tears dripping from your closed eyes. Your mind whent blank; what could you possibly think of, anyway? You needed comfort, you yearned for it, but at the same time, there seemed to be no way of finding it…

Suddenly, you sat up to the side of your bed. Your eyes were still letting tears roll down your cheeks, but you couldn’t care less at that point. You gut up, ran out your house and through the entire village without a single sound, reaching the gate that lead outside the village in a matter of seconds. You bolted across the gate and over to Link’s house. Yes, it was late, and yes, you were wearing nothing but your nightgown and underwear, but you didn’t care. He was your best friend after all. You climbed up the ladder, and walked up to the door to his house. At this point, you hesitated. You knew it was stupid of you to come crying at his doorstep because of a bad dream. But you were truly scared, so, would he mind? Then again, he’d probably laugh at you again. Still, you felt like you needed someone to talk to. But you wouldn’t dare… would you?

“Raaah… this was stupid of me… I should just go back and wait until I get over it…” you muttered. But as you were about to turn away from the door and make your way back to your humble home, the door to your friend’s house opened, revealing a sleepy Link. He seemed surprised to see you here in the middle of the night.

“______ …? Are you-“

He had no time to finish his sentence that you threw yourself at him, and he just managed to stay on his feet. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, like you did, and question marks appeared in his eyes when he heard you sobbing against his shoulder.

“What’s going on, _______? Why are you crying…?” he inquired, his voice sounding worried.

You tried to calm down, still pressing your face against his shoulder. You managed to weaken the sobs that were escaping you, but not enough to speak an intelligible answer. Link slowly pushed you away, keeping his hands onto your shoulders, rubbing them reassuringly.

“Tell me what’s going on, _______. Tell me everything.”

His eyes were locked in with yours, and you tried to clear your throat.

“… I-I had a really bad dream, Link…” you said between two sobs.

As expected, he seemed to smile a bit, but seeing you still weren’t about to settle down, he guessed there was more to the story.

“… I dreamed my family didn’t want me back anymore…”

The blue eyes of the young hero widened in surprise. He didn’t expect that of all things.

“I’m sure it was just a dream, _____, don’t worry yourself about it,” he said, his voice trailing off a bit in the end.

You shook your head hastily.

“No! It didn’t feel like a dream, it felt too real to be one…!” you whined. “I-I thought about it and… what if my parents don’t want me home anymore? What if they realized that they’re better off without me around? What if-“

You were cut off by Link, who had gently pressed his index finger on your trembling lips to silence you. Your tears still ran down your cheeks like waterfalls, though.

“Listen, ______. I don’t think your parents could ever not want you home.”

“But, what if it was true? What if they don’t want me there anymore?!”

You clapped your hand on your mouth when you realized that came out louder than you had expected.

“Sorry about that…” you whispered gently, taking in shaky breaths as your sobs still choked out your throat.

“It’s alright. Come inside, we can talk about everything there.”

You nodded in approval, letting him guide you in his house. Once inside, he closed the door and pulled you back into his arms. His warm embrace made you feel secure, safe from any harm. It was almost like… he was more to you than just a friend. You eased into the hug, wrapping your arms around him equally tight as he held you. You hid your face in his shirt again, still unable to repress those annoying sobs that came from you.

“Shhh, it’ll be alright, _____, you’ll see… Everything will turn out to be okay…” he said in a soothing voice, gently petting your back to calm you down.

The feeling you had at that simple moment made you realize that, in fact, you did feel like he was more to you than a friend. He was a person you could count on to be there whenever you needed him to be. He was always there for you, to help you or to hear whatever you had to say and listen religiously. He was always willing to lend you a shoulder to cry on when your thoughts were upside down, and he would always find a way to make you smile again when you’d feel down. Sure, he had his flaws, but once you got to know how kind he is, he was one heck of a friend, loyal and always happy, caring. Realizing that, it made you think. Face still pressed against his shoulder, you spoke up.

“I… I don’t even know if I really want to go home anymore…”

Link simply looked down to you with his bright blue eyes, questions seeming to pop up simultaneously in his mind. But before he could speak anything, you cut him off.

“I mean… I have… another family here, too… with Bo, Rusl, Talo, Malo, Beth, Collin…”

You kept on naming everyone else that resided in the small village. Link couldn’t have done anything else than agree with you. All the others had repeatedly told him that you were a good girl, caring about others and always lending a hand when you could, and you actually did. You had come to know pretty much everyone here, no exceptions made. Even the children had come to like you, especially Collin, who had told you that you were like his big sister. It had made you quite happy when he told you.

“But, best of all… I have… you,” you said, still hiding your face in Link’s shirt as your face flushed in a deep, cherry red color.

Dumbstruck, the young man didn’t know how to react at all. At first, he seemed confused, but as the seconds flew by, a wide, joyful grin spread across his face. His blue eyes locked on you in a tender gaze, and he stroke your (h/c) hair sweetly before placing a finger beneath your chin and forcing you to look up at him. He then cupped your cheeks and wiped your tears away, eyes locking with yours.

“You do have a family here, ______. No matter what happens, we’re all going to be there, supporting you until the very end. You truly have all of our support…”

You forced a smile, his kind words being engraved in your memory. You never want to forget this instant. But, to your surprise, he didn’t add anything like you expected him to do. Oh no. Instead, he leaned in closer, and pressed his lips against yours. You were taken aback by this, but soon after, you eased into the kiss. Needless to say you had been anticipating it, but not that fast. He broke away after a few more moments, smiling as his and your faces flushed in a deep red coloration. He pressed his forehead against yours.

“… and you have my heart as well.”

Your tears had ceased falling, your saddened expression had disappeared. Instead, you had a wide grin on your face, and you wrapped your arms around Link’s neck. You rubbed your nose with his sweetly, giggling a bit.

“I guess it’s safe to say that my heart belongs to you, now.”

His smile grew wider, his blue orbs watching you as you were about to add something.

“I love you, Link… and I will never, ever leave your side. My time in that world is over now, and my place, my true place, it’s here, with you. I realize that now… I was just too blind to see it before.”

He held you tight against his chest, and you nuzzled into his neck, sighing contentedly. You didn't see it, but you felt him grin playfully down at you.

“Welcome home, _______.”
Alrighty guys!

Another Oneshot I made because I had some time to waste at 1:20 in the morning, YAY ! /shot/

Anyways, to enjoy plz, I've worked real hard on this one, and I personnally love it xD

Please do comment, and fav' if you feel like it~ Though comments are always welcomed :D

The Legend of Zelda franchise, games & characters mentionned here belong to (c)Nintendo.
Reader-Chan (you) belong to Link. ♥


I know I haven't been around that much lately and haven't seen or answered most of your comments ;^;
But I want to thank you all for taking a bit of your time to read this and leave all those wonderful comments!

xXShadowmayXx : I'm just going to answer here since I'm writing this and I thought your comment was very interesting. I actually did think of making the story end like that, but I had other plans instead. :'D I'm happy that this ending satisfied you though! ^^
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